Posted in: Living Posted on: Aug 25th, 2016

Decorate Your Space Like a Pro With These Pointers!

Photo Credit: Public Domain

Choosing the interior design of your new apartment can either be a fun experience, or an intimidating one. If you are new to the decorating game, it can be daunting to choose your own furniture, let alone the entire look of one or more rooms. Whether you’re a total beginner or just want to brush up on your acumen, take a look at these simple tips for decorating your new space while renting in Memphis.

Light and Bright

Even if it takes you no time at all to feel settled in after moving, it is always nice to make your apartment feel like home as quickly as possible. That’s why experts advise people decorating their new spaces start with light colors. You might not be that keen on sterile white walls. That’s understandable. Consider going with softer hues of your favorite colors, which can make rooms feel bigger. To further this effect, you’ll want to accentuate any natural light that comes into your apartment with strategic placement of curtains and mirrors.

Work the Walls

When it comes to balancing storage space with decorative flourishes, your walls are crucial. Shelves can be your best friend when determining the layout of your apartment. They can be used to display things like books, records, and keepsakes, acting both as storage and as conversation starters. Shelves can also act as a stand-in for a pantry in your kitchen, or as a secret stowaway space when paired with a curtain in almost any room.

Keep Things To Scale

It is important to keep size in mind when choosing furniture. Too many small pieces can make a room look cluttered, but too many big pieces might not leave you enough space, either. Opt to mix big and small in a way that looks good without sacrificing functionality. Fortunately, if you’re renting in Memphis, you have options when it comes to shopping for furniture. The local Ashley Homestore, on Winchester Road, offers a great selection of pieces across a variety of styles. Similarly, the Great American Home Store on Appling Farms might just be your one-stop shop for all the furniture your apartment needs.

Let Go

You may not have enough space to have both a stylish apartment and keep every possession you’ve ever had. Storage is usually at a premium, so only keep the things that you truly love and have a use for with you. Recycle or otherwise discard any of your things that are broken beyond repair, or simply cannot be used by anyone else. Things that you don’t use or want anymore can be donated to the local Goodwill on Highland Street. While at first it might be hard to part ways with certain things, it is better to have the breathing space in your new place than feel constricted by old stuff you really don’t need.

By starting with these basics, you will be well on your way towards creating a space that you’ll love. So, what are you waiting for? Start decorating!